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Browser-based, Easy to Use, Affordable

Optimize FM™ is a high-performance solution for sharing your facility drawings and data in real time. It delivers facility information via a simple and intuitive browser interface through your organization’s intranet, corporate network, or the internet via a web server.

Optimize FM includes everything you need to deploy a robust web application for viewing your intelligent facilities drawings, data, and reports.

Optimize FM is easy to learn and use – even for the most technically challenged. Optimize FM lets you control who has access to your facility drawings and information – user logins control who has access to what data and functions.

There is no complicated software to learn or programming skills needed, thus minimizing training requirements. And costs are controlled by containing your technology investment.

Share & Distribute Information

Give anyone in the organization with a web browser self-service access to the most current facilities drawings, associated data and reports – or confine access to designated users.

Optimize FM is packed with features that will streamline the facility management information sharing process. With Optimize FM you can rest assured that your users are always looking at the most current information.

Easy to Deploy

Optimize FM is a SQL Server powered database application delivered to the desktop via a browser. Optimize FM is fully HTML5 enabled, which means you can review both drawings and data on any web enabled device. You have full access to smart drawings for zooming, panning, and theming and querying.

The seamless integration of drawings and data presented in a live browser environment is a true breakthrough for sharing your facility information in real time with all those who need it. Optimize FM is offered in both self-hosted and Software as a Service (SaaS) versions.

With SaaS, you can get started right away for a low monthly fee.


With so much of your vital facility information distributed over the web, you’re likely to be concerned about security.

With Optimize FM you control which drawings, data, reports, and features are accessible to which users via a secure user logon system.

Cost Effective

With Optimize FM, Requesters are free, there are no “Add-ons” and you only need licensing for Concurrent Users.  An unlimited number of named Requesters can create and check service requests.  Every User license includes all capabilities found in Optimize FM – there are no extra modules or “premium” features that drive up the price.  And, unlike most applications, Optimize FM is licensed by Concurrent User – your license requirements are based on the maximum number of Users that will be accessing the application at the same time, not how many Users total that will have access to the application.  This means you may set up 50 (or more) Users in the system but only require 10 Concurrent Licenses if that is the maximum number of Users accessing the application at the exact same time.

Visualize your Data

With Optimize FM Space & Assets, you can manage all the people, place and things in your facility. You can easily theme your drawings based on allocation, space type, occupancy, virtually any criteria that you need.

Shared spaces will automatically be multihatched if they are assigned to multiple cost centers.

Find Information Quickly

Use the quick search tool to find all the records in the database that contain the term you’re looking for.

No need to build sophisticated queries or use precise terminology.

Work with Familiar Tools

If you can browse the internet you can browse your facilities data – navigation is easy and intuitive.

Need to analyze your data in more detail? With the click of a button you can export your data to Microsoft Access, Excel, or any tool that can read a tab delimited text file. No need to abandon the analysis tools that are already working well for you.

View your Drawings

Optimize FM’s HTML5 viewer technology means that you can access and view your drawings and data on any connected device from anywhere in the world.

Take Advantage of BIM Data

Optimize FM Space & Assets gives you the tools to extract and manage more of the information contained in your drawings.

With the Layer and Object controls in the viewer, you choose what geometry to make visible and which objects to make “clickable,” letting you navigate through your data graphically to easily visualize the information you need.

You can manage your facilities information all the way from the exterior property level down to pieces of equipment, signage, data jacks – the possibilities are endless.

Cloud or Self-Hosted

You can host Optimize FM inside your IT infrastructure or access it via the Cloud, the choice is yours.

Because Optimize FM delivers information in your database to you via your browser, your data can live anywhere you like.

Our SaaS offering provides a quick and inexpensive way for you to get started using Optimize FM.

The Tools You Need to Effectively Manage Your Physical Environment

Optimize FM delivers functionality for all your basic operations and maintenance management needs, including both demand and preventive maintenance.

Optimize FM provides two main components to help you and staff manage maintenance activities: Requester and Maintenance.


The Optimize FM Requester component provides a simple web form that anyone with web access may use to submit requests to have some service performed within the facility. The details contained in each request are controlled by how your Optimize FM system administrator sets up your request forms.

Based on administrator preferences, each submitted request can be either manually or automatically routed to the technician responsible for making the repair.

The Optimize FM Requester component then provides an automated activity feed to keep the requester informed of the status of their work request, thus reducing check-in calls to the facilities team so you can focus on getting work orders completed as quickly as possible.


On Demand Maintenance

With Optimize FM, you have the option of whether online work requests from the Requester and Call Center components are automatically or manually converted to work orders and routed to technicians. When handled manually, the Optimize FM Maintenance component allows your team to review each work request and efficiently prioritize, generate the work order, assign resources and manage each work order until it is closed. Work requests can even be routed to supervisors when necessary to determine appropriate action.

The Optimize FM Maintenance component is highly configurable. For example, you can set up user access for technicians to only see those work orders that are assigned to them.

Additionally, materials, trades and priorities can be assigned as needed. Documents, details, contacts and location information can be included in work orders to ensure each technician is supplied with the necessary details to complete repairs promptly.

Preventive Maintenance

In addition to on-demand maintenance, Optimize FM helps you manage all your preventive and scheduled maintenance. Any work request can be made repetitive by filling out a few additional fields defining dates, times and frequency.

You may assign your scheduled maintenance requests to a single asset, or add multiple assets if needed. Your scheduled maintenance work requests are automatically generated in advance of their due date and are made available for assignment and review.

Optimize FM Operations & Maintenance Feature Summary

Whether your organization prefers a highly automated rules-based system that gets a work request into the hands of a technician virtually automatically, or a more manual system where helpdesk personnel or supervisors make decisions about when and who handles a particular work order, the Optimize FM Operations & Maintenance system is a great fit.

  • Create, receive and route web-based work requests – the work request is the basic communication tool for reporting a problem in the facility to management so that action can be initiated to get it fixed.
  • Obtain approvals as part of the workflow if necessary – Optimize FM accommodates workflows that mirror the organization’s processes for getting work done.
  • Receive alerts on critical issues in the workflow – Optimize FM allows for prioritizing work that needs to be done and the ability to track that work.
  • View a comprehensive list of work orders in process – Optimize FM provides activity feeds, data grids and reporting capability that allows management to see what work has yet to be completed and how old that work is.
  • View overdue work, or sort work orders on a place, space, asset or technician basis – Optimize FM offers facility managers various tools and reports so they can have the information they need to keep the facility running smoothly.
  • Assign work orders to available personnel – it’s important to be able to match up work orders to maintenance staff based on their availability and skill sets.
  • Link related work orders – being able to group work orders allows for more efficient assignment of work to be done.
  • Attach documents, including drawings and specs, etc. – Optimize FM lets you see drawings, pages of repair manuals and other documents, which speed up asset repair and maintenance process.
  • Track costs associated with work orders – being able to track and report the cost of work performed allows you to better manage operational costs.
  • Send work order instructions to Smart Phone or Tablet – Optimize FM lets you send email notifications defined in your workflow to all stakeholders who need to be kept informed.
  • Define a work order schedule – Optimize FM lets you schedule work to be done and can either proactively inform your customers who submit work requests or let them query their requests to see who will be doing the work and when it will be done.
  • Attach work orders to a work order schedule – maintenance managers can assign open work orders to maintenance staff based on skill sets and availability.
  • Create and update a Task Schedule of pending work orders – maintenance managers use task schedules to keep track of what work is being done and when.
  • Schedule and manage prevent maintenance – Any work request can be made repetitive by filling out a few additional fields defining dates, times and frequency – and you can add reminders.

Successful organizations are in a constant state of change, responding to continuous shifts in the economy, the global marketplace, workforce trends and technology.

You need the ability to grow, downsize and reorganize your workforce to effectively meet these challenges. That means you need the ability to seamlessly coordinate employee and asset moves, adds and changes (M/A/C) without throwing daily operations into disarray.

Optimize FM Move Management software is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that helps control the costs of moves while minimizing disruption to your organization.

With Optimize FM Move Management, moves are managed more effectively ensuring your workspaces and resources are ready for immediate employee productivity.

The resulting employee location information is updated in your floor plans automatically and can be shared instantaneously with other departments that rely on accurate employee data, like security, IT, ERP and HR systems

With Optimize FM Move Management, you can:

  • Provide executive decision-makers graphical, easy-to-understand views of spaces and move plans.
  • Create a collaborative environment for executives, employees, facility managers and key task groups to improve efficiency and minimize costs associated with M/A/C.
  • Minimize the number of moves needed through more effective space planning • Create “what-if” floor plan scenarios to support move planning and disaster recovery.
  • Leverage existing CAD data to associate floor plans with personnel, assets and spaces.
  • Automatically generate move lists with corresponding data on personnel and business unit occupation.
  • Distribute work orders to execute M/A/C plans using built-in operations management features.
  • Automate one-person moves using intranet based requests or via drag-and-drop actions from occupant lists.
  • Create move projects that reflect multiple move options.
  • Easily plan, manage and execute moves of all sizes while minimizing disruption to employees and your overall organization.
  • Update M/A/C lists with changes for moves at any phase.

Combine with Optimize FM Space & Assets and Optimize FM Operations & Maintenance for a 1-2-3 Punch.

Optimize FM Move Management software is fully integrated with Optimize FM Space & Assets and Optimize FM Operations & Maintenance.

That means any space occupation plan designed using your floor plans can automatically create a M/A/C ticket while your facility management department maintains the ability to control execution.

By better coordinating all the task groups involved in a given M/A/C, you eliminate redundant data entry in executing the project, ensuring moves are completed correctly and expeditiously.

Integrate Document Storage and Retrieval

Optimize FM Documents is designed as a repository for the electronic files related to your facility. Documents integrates simple document storage and retrieval with your facilities management solution. Optimize FM Documents allows users to securely access the electronic documents through an intuitive interface anytime, anywhere.

Easily Manage your Electronic Documents

In many cases, a high-end document management solution is more than a company is looking for. It’s too costly, too difficult, and too time consuming for the simple tasks that need to be accomplished day-to-day.

What these organizations are really looking for is a simple, easy-to-use, searchable document library – an electronic filing cabinet that can be accessed across your intranet or the internet.

Optimize FM Documents allows you to simply upload and download your documents through a robust SQL database while providing users secure access from any location to drawings/ electronic documents via your Optimize FM website.

Quickly Share As-builts with Contractors & Staff

No more preparing drawings and documents for contractors or staff. No more last minute requests for as-builts. No more searching for your electronic documents across multiple locations. Optimize FM Documents consolidates your electronic documents into one secure, searchable database accessible via your intranet or the internet.

Archive Historical Documents

Not sure if you’ll ever look at that document again but still unsure about deleting it? Archive your older drawings/documents using Optimize FM Documents so they’ll be there if and when you need them. With Documents, you can manage your archival and current documents with ease, keeping your archival documents separate so they don’t clutter your current documents.

Organize Documents into Simple Downloadable Packets

Optimize FM Documents allows users to search through thousands of electronic documents quickly and easily. Using any populated field in the SQL database, the user can narrow their selection, highlight the drawings and documents they want, and download them to their desktop.

Security & Searchability 

Optimize FM Documents allows you to do all this and more. Built upon the core Optimize FM platform you get the flexibility of a free form document storage tool with the security and searchability of an SQL database. All using proven technology and browser based access.

Cloud or Self-Hosted

Documents, like the rest of the Optimize FM application suite, can be hosted locally inside your IT infrastructure or in the Cloud as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution accessible via a browser from anywhere you are in the world.

Optimize FM Requester

The Requester module allows anyone to whom you allow access the ability to create and submit a work or move request.

Request forms can be as detailed or general as you like. You can include pictures either from the Optimize picture library, or from your device camera if you are creating the request on a smart phone or tablet.

The user can either log into Optimize to create the request or create it from a corporate web page if you choose to make it available there.

Requests are processed in the Optimize Operations module where they can be approved and assigned, rejected, or put on hold.

Optimize People Finder

People Finder lets you enter an occupant name (partial or complete), finds the occupant you are looking for, and displays a floor plan with the occupant’s space highlighted.

People Finder can be accessed from the Optimize menu when you log in or be added to any company web page and accessed there.

Optimize Data Broker

Data Broker provides automated transfers and updates of HR data between Optimize FM and your company’s HR system.

Data Broker is an admin level module that lets you set up a rules based import and/or export of HR related information between the Optimize Occupant database and your HR system of record.

NOTE: Data Broker can be customized to work with other systems of record if there is a need for an automated approach to exchanging space, asset or move related data with another system of record.

If this is of interest we’re happy to review your requirements and provide a cost proposal for implementation.

Optimize FM power tools

FM Power Tools provides some additional features that some users will find very handy:

Advanced UDAs – User defined attributes are an important feature of Optimize in that they let you track information that’s not part of the core database structure.

Advanced UDAs go a step further by letting you assign them any category, class or subclass within spaces and assets.

This allows you (for example) to assign unique UDAs to Air Handlers and unique UDAs to Fire Extinguishers and search and sort on them as needed.

QR Code Scanning – QR codes are more and more the standard way of identifying spaces and assets in your organization.

In the facilities world, being able to scan and identify spaces and assets with your phone or mobile device as you survey your facility will be more and more the expectation.

Services and Dependents – Imagine being able to click on an air handler or any other asset that services your facility and be able to see what spaces might be affected by its failure. Knowing how everything interacts within your facility is key to being responsive. All distributed services (water, electricity and IT assets) need to be understood in the context of what people and spaces depend on them.

Optimize FM dashboards 

Dashboards work like an interactive front page to all your facilities information. You can see all manner of graphs and KPI data that tell you what’s going on in your facility.

You can click to select any module to open it and drill down to get more detail about what the dashboard summary is telling you.

Additionally, you can access the same widgets you might put on your employee web site to let them find people, create work requests, etc.

Provide executive decision-makers graphical, easy-to-understand views of spaces and move plans.

Optimize FM Composer

Composer is a real breakthrough in the CAFM world for people who may not have CAD drawings available to view their space information.  With Composer you can:

  • Import PDFs, JPGs, pictures of hand sketched drawings… any graphics that help you visually understand your space inventory
  • Use sketch tools to draw polylines around spaces and areas you want to highlight and connect to Optimize database records.
  • Place icons on space and asset locations and link those icons to Optimize database records.
  • Let Optimize automatically create an array of rectangles and connect those rectangles to the database so they can be themed and queried like any other space.

And much, much more… Composer frees you to use a modern and affordable CAFM solution with the actually data and drawing information you have available now.

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